Best & Cheap Windows Server 2012 Hosting

Best & Cheap Windows Server 2012 Hosting

Windows Server is the leading server operating system. It powers some of the worlds’ largest datacenters as well as some smaller companies around the world and it delivers value to organizations of all sizes in between. Building on this legacy, Windows Server 2012 delivers hundreds of new features and improvements for scalable, dynamic and cloud-optimized infrastructure. It helps you reduce your IT costs and deliver more business value.

Windows Server 2012, codenamed “Windows Server 8”, is the sixth release of Windows Server. It is the server version of Windows 8 and succeeds Windows Server 2008 R2. Two pre-release versions, a developer preview and a beta version, were released during development. The software was generally available to customers starting on September 4, 2012.

Unlike its predecessor, Windows Server 2012 has no support for Itanium-based computers, and has four editions. Various features were added or improved over Windows Server 2008 R2 (with many placing an emphasis on cloud computing), such as an updated version of Hyper-V, an IP address management role, a new version of Windows Task Manager, and ReFS, a new file system. Windows Server 2012 received generally good reviews in spite of having included the same controversial Metro-based user interface seen in Windows 8.

The successor to Windows Server 2012, called Windows Server 2012 R2, was released along with Windows 8.1 in October 2013. A service pack, formally designated Windows Server 2012 R2 Update, was released in April 2014.

Within Windows Server 2012 you will find exciting innovations in areas of virtualization, networking, storage, user experience as well as an improved integration with Windows PowerShell which takes scripting to a whole new level. This is quite possibly the most significant release of Windows Server ever. The actual setup of secured sites and modern web applications require even more security. To this end, Server Name Indication (SNI) and websockets were added. Best & Cheap Windows Hosting 2012 is 100% focused on providing the best value in innovative Microsoft Windows hosting for Microsoft/ASP.NET developers. They work hard to be an early adopter of new Microsoft technology.  The Windows 2012 Hosting platform is ideal for developers that want to be on the cutting edge of new technology. On this new platform, they support the latest .Windows Hosting 2012

Since the foundation of ASPHostPortal, it has been maintaining its services and solutions with the newest Microsoft technologies and components, such as latest Windows operating system, .NET framework, SQL server, MVC and etc. Currently, there are thousands of happy customers trust ASPHostPortal Best & Cheap Windows hosting.

When it comes to choosing an ASP web hosting provider, it is most important to look for a web host that follows best web hosting practices. They should have been providing hosting solutions for years and have a positive reputation in the industry. They must have reliable software and hardware, backups, updates and secure network that protects against outages and any kind of emergencies. Excellent customer support and a number of other features should be evaluated before choosing any host. ASPHostPortal meets all these requirements and goes beyond.

Host Intro
Starting at only $1.00 per month
Host 1 Site
1 GB Disk Space
10 GB Bandwidth
0 SQL Server db
SQL Server 2008/2012/2014
0 MB SQL Server / db
0 MySQL db
0 MB MySQL /db
0 MB Email Space
Dedicated Application Pool
Support UTF-8 Domains
30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Host One
$5.00 per month free domain
Host Unlimited Sites
5 GB Disk Space
60 GB Bandwidth
2 SQL Server db
SQL Server 2008/2012/2014
200 MB SQL Server / db
3 MySQL db
200 MB MySQL /db
200 MB Email Space
Dedicated Application Pool
Support UTF-8 Domains
30-Days Money Back Guarantee

We recommend ASPHostPortal for Windows Hosting 2012 . ASPHostPortal is highly rated by our users and we think they provide great value for money, with plans starting at only $1.00 per month . They also offer a free domain and free double SQL server space; enjoy the company’s outstanding web hosting service at a low cost from just $5.00/mo.

Why Choose ASPHostPortal as Your Best & Cheap Windows Hosting 2012 Partner?


ASPHostPortal is Focused Windows Hosting 2012
ASPHostPortal World Class Data Center
Unmatched Hardware Performance
Customer Support
High-Grade Security System

You have finally found the web host you’ve been looking for. Since 2008, ASPHostPortal has been offering world class quality Windows and ASP .NET web hosting services to customers all around the world. Their Windows ASP.NET plans were created with ASP .NET and Windows developers in mind. Experience the best in ASP .NET web hosting at some of the most affordable prices in the industry. With the latest .NET framework, the greatest in ASP web hosting components, and their world class support, you’ll soon realize that choosing ASPHostPortal is having the ASPHostPortal Advantage, the advantage of working with the best. is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Spotlight Hosting Partner in United States. Microsoft presents this award to for the ability to support the latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technology, such as: WebMatrix, WebDeploy, Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5.2/ASP.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET MVC 6.0/5.2, Silverlight 5 and Visual Studio Lightswitch.


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