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ASPHostCentral Provides The Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting

Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting – ASPHostCentral Review

ASPHostCentral, one of the best ASP.NET hosting provider, was designed with ease of use in mind. They leverage best-in-class connectivity and technology to innovate industry-leading, fully automated solutions that empower enterprises with complete access, control, security, and scalability. With this insightful strategy and their peerless technical execution, they have created the truly virtual data center—and made traditional hosting and managed/unmanaged services obsolete.


Apart from high industry and customer reputation, ASPHostCentral beats other ASP.NET hosting companies on features, pricing, performance and customer service. In below, we would like to unveil the secrets of those mentioned points one by one.

ASPHostCentral.com – Pricing

ASPHostCentral.com offers affordable price for all of ASP.NET Hosting plans. Customers can start their ASP.NET site just from 2.99/mo. They are so confident that you will like their service, so they brave to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on hosting fees. Just cancel before 30 days, and they will refund your entire hosting fee, for more information just visits their official site at http://asphostcentral.com.

Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting – ASPHostCentral Review

ASPHostCentral.com – Ease of Use & Hosting Features

Holding the principal that customer comes first, ASPHostCentral integrates each plan with the easy-to-navigate Plesk control panel, with which webmasters are able to manage their domains, websites, files, databases and FTP accounts easily and quickly.

When it comes to the hosting features, it is hard to find another web host that can equal to ASPHostCentral. Taking the entry level Basic plan as an example, it includes a bundle of basic and advanced features. To make things plain and clear, we list some of the outstanding ones as follows.

  • Windows 2012 web server, IIS 8, Full Trust, ASP.NET state service.
  • MSSQL 2014, SQL backup and restore, SQL management studio access, and MYSQL 5.7.
  • ASP.NET 5/4.5/3.5SP1/1.1, Silverlight 6/5/4, ASP.NET MVC 6/5/4/3/2, PHP 5.6/5.5/5.4/5.3/5.2.

ASPHostCentral.com – Customer Service

As customer service is the most essential part in web hosting, ASPHostCentral spares no effort to satisfy every customer. This company owns a team of passionate and professional technical staffs, who are accessible twenty-four hours one day and seven days one week, even deep at night. Moreover, it contains quantities of hosting related articles and video tutorials in the knowledgebase, which is placed right under the support section.

ASPHostCentral.com – Network Performance

They offer strategic data center locations on three continents: North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Having a choice of different locations gives you the benefit to choose the closest one to the majority of your visitors for best website performance. In all locations they use only top-of-the-line hardware, custom-optimized server configuration and have all types of hosting plans available.

ASPHostCentral also makes its commitment to provide all webmasters with ultra-fast access speed by making use of the multi-layer network. On top of that, this web host includes optimal network switching and routing infrastructures which contribute to faster rate and lower latency. To enhance data security and integrity, it also adopts SAS 70 Type II Authentication audit technology, which consumes a great deal of time and brains.


In summary, ASPHostCentral deserves its high reputation due to its affordable price, rich features, high performance network and satisfying customer service. It has a rare combination of unmatchable affordability, quality and reliability, which is suitable for small businesses to big projects. For more details, please visit their official website at http://asphostcentral.com

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Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting – DiscountService Review

Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting – DiscountService Review

DiscountService Review

DiscountService review, which includes ASP.NET hosting features, speed, uptime, customer service and price, is based on their rock-solid ASP.NET hosting experience and our editors’ true hosting experience with them from verified customers.


DiscountService is designed for personal and small businesses by offering a reliable and affordable ASP.NET hosting plan. Now this company has become the leading shared web hosting provider breaking several records in the hosting industry. They have world class data centers in the Sydney, NSW.

Overall Rating

DiscountService is one of the best ASP.NET hosting companies recommended by many professional review sites and a large number of webmasters. As a new comer, DiscountService has a very brilliant reputation in the ASP.NET hosting community on the web hosting speed, reliability and technical support of their shared web hosting product.

Price & Discount

DiscountService best ASP.NET hosting is pricing from $3.00/mo, and now they give promo code to get free domain and free double SQL server space for all readers going through this exclusive DiscountService promotional link. Besides, the 30 days money back guarantee gives customers a sense of risk-free to go with a long billing period.


Every facet of their network infrastructure scales to gigabit speeds with no single point of failure. Since we built it their selves, they made it ideal. They designed the network. They designed the server arrangement from the software to the outer casing. They only use the best servers in the industry. The servers are placed on the data center with world-class facilities, thus ensuring highest performance and reliability. They work tirelessly and around the clock to make sure that your sites stay up, stay fast, and stay supported with the latest in hosting technology.

Their data center is located at Sydney, NSW. Their data centers are built upon a unique pod design concept, making them functionally independent with distinct and redundant resources, and fully integrated through their revolutionary network architecture. You can have direct control over your system in any data center and full access to all of their back-end services—all fully automated and on demand.


They never ever overload their server with tons of clients. They always load balance their server to make sure they can deliver an excellent service, coupling with the high performance and reliable server. They are so confident in their hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also they give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Customer Service

DiscountService offers 24/7 US-based customer service. They never fall asleep and they run a service that is operating 24/7 a year. Even everyone is on holiday during Easter or Christmas/New Year, they are always behind their desk serving their customers.

Conclusion – DiscountService is Recommended ASP.NET Hosting

DiscountService is highly recommended for people who are looking for a high performance, uptime and reputed shared ASP.NET hosting service at an reasonable price. If you plan to start over a new site or move away from a terrible ASP.NET hosting, you won’t go wrong with DiscountService.

To learn more about DiscountService ASP.NET hosting, visit http://discountservice.com.au/

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Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting - The Reasons of Choose ASP NET Hosting for Your Business Site

Why You Should Choose ASP NET Hosting for Your Business Site

Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting – The Reasons to Choose ASP NET Hosting for Your Business Site


ASP.NET is a programming model for building Web-based applications. It essentially a runtime and set of .NET Framework class libraries that can be used to build dynamic Web pages. ASP.NET pages are built on the server to produce dynamic results.

Why Choose ASP NET Hosting for Your Business Site

When it comes to running a site, be it over the internet. It is starting from the hosting server to the applications used for designing the webpages. So there can be thousand of possible combinations and of course it is absolutely need to choose a combination that is going to provide the greatest looks, performance, easy to use and the most important thing is about security. ASP.NET is an option that has been gaining ground for the last few years steadily and currently being used by numerous organizations and independent business people throughout the world. Built on the .NET technology, ASP runs best on Windows web hosting provider, make sure to choose reliable Windows web hosting provider. Many other hosting services might claim support for .NET framework but the integration is often not the best and may result in severely reduced performance.

Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting - The Reasons of Choose ASP NET Hosting for Your Business Site

The Microsoft Product Is Best Run On Reliable Windows Server Hosting

Due to their various advantages, many kind of company sizes (from small, medium and large) use Microsoft products extensively. Hence if they are looking for a web app tool, the obvious choice is ASP.NET. Similarly, any company looking to use it will definitely look for a dedicated Windows server hosting. For companies using Windows platform and.NET framework in tandem, it’s a Win-Win situation with the guaranteed security and performance of Windows server and the versatility of ASP.NET.

Delving Deeper Into ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a framework intended for web-applications. Released in 2002, it has spawned a few higher versions as well. It can be used for fundamental web design and development purposes. With the steady increase in demand, ASP.NET hosting became popular. Windows server hosting supports .NET framework seamlessly allowing for a faster and smoother experience.

There are several advantages associated with ASP.NET hosting that makes it the best choice for many organizations around us. We will try to touch on a few of them here.

  • When coupled with webECS, a Windows ASP.NET hosting provider, it comes in numerous flavours to satisfy even the most scrupulous of clients.
  • Efficient development ensured by smoother integration with databases. It can be used for both basic and advanced development and also for dynamic web page designing. For people familiar with Microsoft applications, the adoption of ASP is really easy saving both time and training costs.
  • Any organization using Microsoft Access as their database solution can relax since.NET web hosting provider completely integrates with MS Access databases and MSSQL.
  • It is completely compatible with all Microsoft products. For any organization using Microsoft products, ASP is the automatic choice.

Right Choices Create the Right Results

ASP.NET hosting is being hailed as the best web development application and being adopted by hundreds of businesses around the world for a solid reason. And that reason is performance. Similarly, Windows server hosting is being touted as the best dedicated server hosting for a reason as well. And that reason is security, compatibility and ease of use. What happens when two best solutions that integrate seamlessly with each other are combined together? Well, we are sure you can guess it.

Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting

To help you find the best Windows hosting provider that fully support ASP.NET, we will give you our recommendation. After we had reviewed 50+ providers, we found that ASPHostPortal is one of the best. They have expert ASP.NET support who always ready to help your problem, although with 99.99% uptime we think you won’t get any problem.

[stextbox id=”asp_net_hosting” caption=”ASPHostPortal.com is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows Hosting Partner”]ASPHostPortal.com is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Spotlight Hosting Partner in United States. Microsoft presents this award to ASPHostPortal.com for the ability to support the latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technology, such as: WebMatrix, WebDeploy, Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5.2/ASP.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET MVC 6.0/5.2, Silverlight 5 and Visual Studio Lightswitch. Click here for more information[/stextbox]

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Best & Cheap ASP.NET Hosting

Best & Cheap ASP.NET Hosting in 2014

Well, now I will review about the best cheap ASP.NET Hosting. As you know that, ASP.NET is a popular programming technology that Microsoft originally introduced for creating customized dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. Now it becomes more and more popular with webmasters, and choosing a high quality cheap ASP.NET hosting from a variety of ASP.NET hosting is not an easy task. So, have you ever used ASP.NET? If you’ve not, why not to try?


Best & Cheap ASP.NET Hosting



After researched around 60 hosting provider that support ASP.NET, we choose ASPHostPortal.com as the winner on Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting category in 2014. Our 2014 ASPHostPortal.com as one of the most popular hosting companies provides millions of customers with high quality ASP.NET hosting from Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting to Dedicated Server and Reseller Hosting.




Why ASPHostPortal.com?

ASPHostPortal.com ASP.NET is the Cheapest

ASPHostPortal.com ASP.NET hosting comes with Host Intro Plan (for shared hosting) and Tier Zero (for cloud hosting) packages, and the prices start from $1/mo and $2/mo.

That certainly makes ASPHostPortal.com the cheapest ASP.NET hosting in the field.

[stextbox id=”asp_net_hosting” caption=”ASPHostPortal.com is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows Hosting Partner”]ASPHostPortal.com is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Spotlight Hosting Partner in United States. Microsoft presents this award to ASPHostPortal.com for the ability to support the latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technology, such as: WebMatrix, WebDeploy, Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5.2/ASP.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET MVC 6.0/5.2, Silverlight 5 and Visual Studio Lightswitch. Click here for more information[/stextbox]

With the exclusive ASPHostPortal.com Coupon code “FREEDOMAIN”, customers can get the FREE Domain. Moreover, if there is anything wrong, customers can cancel the service, and ask their full money within the first 30 days, according to ASPHostPortal.com 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

ASPHostPortal.com Coupon FREEDOMAIN and DBSQL

Click to Claim

ASPHostPortal.com ASP.NET is Reliable and Powerful

As usually cheap is not too good, but unlike usual ASPHostPortal.com offers the Reliable and Powerful services. One of the most important things when choosing a good ASP.NET hosting is the feature and reliability. Led by a team with expert who are familiar on ASP.NET technologies, ASPHostPortal.com offers an array of both basic and advanced ASP.NET features in the package at the same time, such as:

– Host Unlimited Sites
– Windows 2012 as web server, ASP.NET v2, v3.5 and v4.5
– Dedicated Application Pools
– The latest ASP.NET MVC, MySQL 5 Databases, and MSSQL 2012 Databases
– URL Rewrite Module, Full trust App support, and 30+ ASP components
– Ease-to-use Plesk Control Panel helps simplify setup and management

At ASPHostPortal.com, customers can also experience fast ASP.NET hosting. The company invested a lot of money to ensure the best and fastest performance of the datacenters, servers, network and other facilities.
Its datacenters are equipped with the top equipments like cooling system, fire detection, high speed Internet connection, and so on. That is why ASPHostPortal.com guarantees 99.9% uptime for ASP.NET. And the engineers do regular maintenance and monitoring works to as sure its ASP.NET hosting are security and always up.


ASPHostPortal.com provides one of the Best Cheap ASP.NET hosting in the industry for its affordable price, rich feature, professional customer support, and high reliability. It’s highly recommended for asp.net developers, business owners and anyone who plan to build a web site based on ASP.NET.

To know more about ASPHostPortal.com or its ASP.NET hosting, please visit asphostportal.com, and get an ASP.NET website started at only $1.00 per month.

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